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This is an exercise in Creative Writing.

The prompts are, "zombie apocalypse in Yugoslavia," "kayak trip," "angry mother in law," and "Will Smith."

What is this crap? )

I have no words.
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My friend is a horrible, horrible enabler and plot bunnies come back from beyond the grave, along with other things. )

Long story short, it will probably be a few days before I will have anything posted. BUT IT SHALL BE DONE.

ETA: As I said, the three page parody comic, translated! The originals are also up; if anyone finds anything wrong with my translations please tell me!
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I ordered a proof copy of my Nano book on the 3rd, and I really wasn't expecting it to come until next week. I haven't been so happy about being wrong before! (This will probably be the first and last time I'll be happy about being wrong, haha. XD)

A little advertising is in order, I suppose. For those who aren't familiar with NaNoWriMo, once you finish writing the minimum of 50 000 words and win the challenge, you will receive a coupon code at CreateSpace that could be used towards a free proof copy of your book. Snail-mail shipping is also free! There are draw backs to this: you have to edit and typeset the whole book (150~pages for a 5.5 in x 8.5 in~ book), create the layout and graphics for cover, and write the summary and author biography all by yourself. Of course, you could get other people to do it for you, or buy a program for the typesetting, but both options are really pricey (I think it was $150~ US for the program? I forget).

Shiny book is shiny! )

Overall, I'm very pleased with this! I'm a bit miffed at the fact that the top edges were somewhat squished from the packaging, but otherwise it's all very pristine. I've only just flipped through it though; haven't got much time to do anything with Finals coming up next week, and my wrist not allowing me to type for longer than ten minutes.

ETA: The art on the cover was snagged from エレファン.
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I have been sitting on a writer's block for almost two weeks now, but I've somehow managed to make some progress with these! I'm planning to make them all drabbles with 500 word limits, just to be fair. It's also testing me on my word-cutting skills, which is something I've always needed work on.

So, here's my list [anything that's crossed out is done and over with]:
And so the countdown starts! Christmas is in 12 days, but I've got all this junk before it that the deadline might as well be seven days away.

... It just had to be seven days, didn't it? TWEWY comes to mind.

EDIT: [Dec. 15, 09] Ha! One more down! Take that, Physics test! Trying to control my life, eh?! (Obviously, someone should ship me to an asylum.)

EDIT: [Dec. 24, 09] Finally got off my lazy butt to finish all of these, and posted them all!
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I'm a bit behind on my studying, so I don't have time to say much, but my Nano manuscript has been completed! By my count, it's at 53,671 words ♥ Awesome!

final look of my progress graph... )
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Somehow, amidst the tests and whatever else was going on, I managed to put a little over 50,000 words on paper in 28 days. I'm not sure how I managed to finish it in half the time last year, really; I must have had absolutely no life! *laughs*

Well, I still have the ending bit to crank out, but that would probably be something for tomorrow; I'm far too exhausted to write anymore, and I believe my Guy!muse is pretty much in the same state. XD

...But darn, I didn't get to try the glowstick trick they mentioned on the forums! Writing until the darn thing goes out seems like a interesting motivation technique, considering they usually go on for a good six hours, if not days. (Someone said it was still glowing after 14 days straight! *laughs*) Maybe for another time, then.

Word count, as I calculated it, is 50,742. Nano's word counter gives me 51,033. Not bad, considering how I freaked out about some tests! We'll see how it goes tomorrow. XD

I'll start editing this massive manuscript on December 1st, after my two major tests, so hopefully I'll have them up to the public soon!

And because graphs amuse me... )
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Despite losing a day due to graduation photos, I think I'm doing alright in Nanowrimo this year! I'm running out of ideas, but I'm scraping by, so that should be alright.

My whole manuscript is sort of plagued by a whole bunch of grammar mistakes and odd diction and wrong words, (and those things are especially obvious if I wrote it at night, when my brain's either some level of "fried" or just completely "dead") but that's stuff for editing. The consistency of Guy's feelings worry me more, because my goldfish memory doesn't exactly keep a good record of how much they changed. And, of course, I have no outline this year, so that scares me a bit too. I had this very OCD, colour coded monstrous table last year.

Anyway! Total, not including today, is at 22340! Not bad at all, considering all the things going on right now.

And some good news! I didn’t fail my Physics test, which is awesome! ♥

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For those who want to know where I get those more questionable ideas, I'll show you the type of conversations my friends and I have. 'Cause really, you have to look not further than them XD
This one happens to be with my friend/twin Lisa; I showed her my agenda, where I was scribbling fanfic in, and the following issued:
Lisa: “Did you use that for Nano last year too?”
Me: “No, I had Mr. Clipboard for that.”
Lisa: “Mister? Is there a missus? Is he married?”
Me:  “To me. I was married to Mr. Clipboard.”
Lisa: “So, Mrs. Clipboard?”
Me: “Not anymore. It was only for a month."
Lisa: "You were married for month and then divorced? It's like a shotgun wedding."
Me: "Shotgun wedding in Las Vagas. Actually, not even a month; it was, um, exactly 15 days.”
Lisa: “That’s,  that’s so sad.”
Me: “There was no love! It was a forced marriage!”
Lisa: “By who?”
Me: “By Nano.”
Lisa: “So… clipboard-sexual?”
Me: “I-I really don’t know what to say to that.”
We were both laughing ourselves silly through the entire exchange, of course =Db And we both refer to Nanowrimo as Nano, because it's too much of a mouthful.
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Just thought I'd actually post here for once. It's really bugging me how empty this journal is =/

Rather suicidally, I started on November the 12th, thanks to the encouraging of my friend Lisa. I knew NaNo existed - I've stalked LJ's for a long time and have seen other people join the challenge - but I never thought of joining in. Lisa pretty much owns me, so of course I said yes and started writing.

I reached the 50 000 word mark on the 27th, and the novel was finished on the same day with 51450 words. It was complete, heck, I even edited it, but I thought I would add more scenes in just for the heck of it. By the 30th I was somewhere in 53 000's, and just today I finished the two sides of the epilogue.

Total count is 54481, and I'm darn happy. I started more or less in the middle of the month, toted a clipboard around with me wherever I went, and ignored my tests in favour of churning out 3000 words a day. It's so much of a habit now it feels wrong to not be writing like crazy.

The novel doesn't have a name yet, and it's actually a really long, and IMHO, badly written D.Gray-man fanfic. I might get around to posting it when - or if XD - Lisa ever finishes editing it for me. And if you look at my icon, it's not that hard to figure out what pairing it's for.

Congrats to all who participated in NaNo this year!


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