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I did some translating, mostly because my dad and my writing was driving me nuts.

It's just as it says on the tin: Durarara/Persona 3 crossover parody, here! The author's note on the first page took me an ungodly amount of time to figure out, and a lot of flailing besides (thank you for sharing my misery, [ profile] zweilous!), but it's all good! :Db

As always, if you noticed something wrong with my translation, please tell me!
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My friend is a horrible, horrible enabler and plot bunnies come back from beyond the grave, along with other things. )

Long story short, it will probably be a few days before I will have anything posted. BUT IT SHALL BE DONE.

ETA: As I said, the three page parody comic, translated! The originals are also up; if anyone finds anything wrong with my translations please tell me!
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