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I discovered that most of it (read: the live mini skits and the free-talk corners) was available on YouTube today, although unsubbed, and of course proceed to burn through them all in one go.

I-I feel kind of bad for wanting to join Miyano's insanely large fangirl horde fanbase, but I'm beginning to think it's futile to resist. *laughs* Miyano is just so dorky and talented and awesome. *u* (For those who don't know, Miyano is Flynn's seiyuu/voice actor.) Toriumi [Yuri's seiyuu] is also very awesome, though he seems shyer than Miyano and doesn't talk as much. This leads to rather hilarious antics in the free-talk corners, because Miyano is always the one talking, and when Onosaka [Zelo's] calls him on it, Toriumi and Nakahara [Estelle's] defends Miyano from him. XD It is mostly thanks to Onosaka's enthusiasm that keeps the show going, though. Yukana [Tear's] was surprisingly shy in these free-talk moments, and it's quite ironic and cute how Suzuki [Luke's] encourages her all the time, to the point where he basically gave up his own time for his intro so that he could help her through her own talk.

Anyway, gushing about the voice actors aside, the part where Estelle, Flynn and Yuri introduced the PS3 port and First Strike was quite funny; the latter especially. A part of it goes something like this:
Yuri: "Speaking of the Knights, I remembered a lot of things that I didn't want to..."
Flynn: "Things like...?"
Yuri: "You...*mutter* didn't pay me back 20 gald."
Flynn: "*loud voice* I remember now! *normal voice* I'll give it back to you right away, Toriumi-san."
Yuri: ”Uh, not now. My manager took my wallet."

Yes, they broke the fourth wall. it seemed like it was a slip by Miyano, but it was funny never the less. XD

There was also a time in the skits where Estelle made Yuri wear a maid outfit (Toriumi was just holding it, and had the hairband on his head). I almost forgot that seiyuus are not allowed to have dignities, haha.

In conclusion, you should all take a look at these things! =Db
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