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Title: Downer Ending
Genre/Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 836
Notes: Either it's the genre of the games I play, or the fact that I mostly play games from the following three companies (I'm pretty sure all three of them are known to be incurably cruel to their characters): Square Enix, Namco Bandai, and Atlus, but it's almost guaranteed that whichever character I like will get monumentally shafted in canon by either a Downer Ending, is simply killed off, stuck in a And I Must Scream situation, or a combination thereof.
Summary: There are no such things as happy endings; the story either had yet to end, or it was not told properly.

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Title: Game Over
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 296
Notes: There are quite a lot of things in games that irk me, and one of them is game overs. I'm completely terrified of them, not because it means that I need to start over again, or that it proves I have no skills (I know this already). It's because I'm so attached to the characters, I always feel like I failed them when it happens.
Summary: There is no game over.

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