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Title: Secrets
Characters/Pairing: Izaya, Shizuo (Shizuo/Izaya fluff, I guess?)
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 647
Warning: CRACK FIC ALERT! Please don't take this seriously. OTL
Notes: Written for [ profile] moonwolf13 for Christmas New Years! Prompt from drrrkink. Sorry for stealing this, [ profile] zebion. ;u; (Also, for reader's reference: Masamune Asuka is the main character of Otomen)
Summary: There was one, huge secret that Shizuo kept from everyone.

But of course, the resident information broker to-be will find out. )
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Title: Trolling Ikebukuro
Characters/Pairing: Tsugaru/Psyche (Shizuo/Izaya I suppose?)
Genre/Rating: PG-15
Word Count
: 975
Notes: prompt stolen from drrrkink: "Psyche and Tsugaru are really only Izaya and Shizuo trolling everyone." ...Why did I write this into Shizuo/Izaya when I don't actually ship them? =/
Summary: Erika would have killed for some photos of the couple.

Sometimes a master plan doesn't involve more than two actors. )
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Title: Epiphany
Characters/Pairing: Bella-centric
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Notes: Written for Stella! ♥ Merry Christmas!
Summary: In which Bella is a little less fail.

The way the book should have gone. )
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