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Incidentally, I've stumbled on the best song for looping while studying, ever. Be warned, it may or may not stay in your head forever. (Also ten seconds of slightly NSFW, thanks to Shizu-chan's wet dream. >_>)

It also comes with the cutest Shizaya video! ~(=^>w<^)

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So, some of you might remember my Visual Arts project from last year, the three framed gif. Well, I made it better! :'D

Fatal Frame!

In other words, I need to get a life, instead of spending an afternoon doing useless photo editing like this.

But if anyone wants/needs the Fatal Frame 3 viewfinder symbols and want the one I have for this camera, feel free to grab the png here! I might as well share it around. (^ o^)/ The viewfinder frame was just ripped off a screenshot, and the actual size of it isn't really that big, but the png is here if anyone wants it.
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I ordered a proof copy of my Nano book on the 3rd, and I really wasn't expecting it to come until next week. I haven't been so happy about being wrong before! (This will probably be the first and last time I'll be happy about being wrong, haha. XD)

A little advertising is in order, I suppose. For those who aren't familiar with NaNoWriMo, once you finish writing the minimum of 50 000 words and win the challenge, you will receive a coupon code at CreateSpace that could be used towards a free proof copy of your book. Snail-mail shipping is also free! There are draw backs to this: you have to edit and typeset the whole book (150~pages for a 5.5 in x 8.5 in~ book), create the layout and graphics for cover, and write the summary and author biography all by yourself. Of course, you could get other people to do it for you, or buy a program for the typesetting, but both options are really pricey (I think it was $150~ US for the program? I forget).

Shiny book is shiny! )

Overall, I'm very pleased with this! I'm a bit miffed at the fact that the top edges were somewhat squished from the packaging, but otherwise it's all very pristine. I've only just flipped through it though; haven't got much time to do anything with Finals coming up next week, and my wrist not allowing me to type for longer than ten minutes.

ETA: The art on the cover was snagged from エレファン.
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Have you lost faith in humanity yet?

The Shitagidorobo

How about now?

The Shogakusei

Or now?

Okay, so these articles don't make me lose faith in humanity, but they do give me a laugh. XD They make for some very interesting and educating reads. For instance, in this one I've learned that the Oriharas' weird naming may have been part of a naming trend that began around the 1980's (if we count back from present time, Izaya's born in 1987)! 8D I'm a hopeless fangirl, aren't I?

Back to studying...
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Art has never really been my thing, although I do very much enjoy drawing. I admit my lack of interest in making art probably had something to do with the fact that I'm about as skilled in it as I am in music (I'm tone deaf). So I was honestly expecting to fail miserably in my Visual Art class, but I'm very pleasantly surprised that I'm actually doing quite well! Real life, you are full of surprises.

This was my latest project, where we had to incorporate an animal (dove), a human (me), and a machine (camera) into a three frame story. I got bored and stuck it into a .gif and made it loop forever. It's like a never-ending nightmare!

May Angels Lead You In

Each element had to be cut out from their respective pictures, and I wasted a lot of time correcting the colour and lighting, so it feels good to know that someone appreciates it. :D I was going to victimize my brother, but I didn't feel like putting him through the horror, so it was me and Mr. Tripod, who is crippled and mounts cameras at an angle.
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I've sort of known about them for a long time, but just a few days ago Kai finally got me to download the program, and pointed me to this DA for an Izaya shell.

Needless to say I've wasted a LOT of time just staring at this music player, and petting him on the head.

It kept switching outfits, though, and sometimes it looks like Izaya's wearing stockings, so I decided to recolour the whole thing before university gets incredibly hectic and Izaya's magical striperific clothes-swapping skills distracts me from writing papers. I've probably spent a good five hours on this - I have no life - but I consider it five hours well spent. =Db

The file for my recoloured version of Izaya is available here on Mediafire, should anyone want to grab it. I think there's a bit of green that I missed, but I'm too lazy to fix it and upload it again. :3 Also, there's this weird cropping of the fur trim on the hem of his jacket; I believe the problem lies in the coding, but I have no idea how to fix it. If anyone could tell me how, I'd appreciate it!
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I find it very amusing that my English assignment, essentially, is a crossover fanfic.

Of course, it'd have been much better if the two stories I'm trying to merge isn't "Brave New World" and "1984." Especially when I'm supposed to emulate one of the styles too.

But apparently my hours of fanfic writing practice isn't going to be wasted! I would have to thank Josh!muse for forcing me to churn out writing even when my imagination's dry as bone, though. (I'll get that TWEWY fic up soon, really. *shifty eyes*)

... Okay, back to your regular programing of homework and studying. OTL

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I came across this great little thing several years ago, actually, but I've never bothered to try it. (If I did, I don't remember. XD) But I tested my Nano writing, and apparently I'm male! I got the same result with my old blog entries. The only piece of writing that was not male was my reply to [ profile] goldenveila. *laughs*

Needless to say, it was very, very entertaining, probably more entertaining than it had a right to be.

And that's all for today's procrastination!
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More specifically, the sort of things I noticed in the third novel, “Stage – 2 – Knight”. Spoilers ahead, for Suzaku’s backstory.

One of the reasons why I believe that Lelouch is gay for Suzaku. )

I have the weirdest ways to procrastinate. X3 ♥


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