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I've sort of known about them for a long time, but just a few days ago Kai finally got me to download the program, and pointed me to this DA for an Izaya shell.

Needless to say I've wasted a LOT of time just staring at this music player, and petting him on the head.

It kept switching outfits, though, and sometimes it looks like Izaya's wearing stockings, so I decided to recolour the whole thing before university gets incredibly hectic and Izaya's magical striperific clothes-swapping skills distracts me from writing papers. I've probably spent a good five hours on this - I have no life - but I consider it five hours well spent. =Db

The file for my recoloured version of Izaya is available here on Mediafire, should anyone want to grab it. I think there's a bit of green that I missed, but I'm too lazy to fix it and upload it again. :3 Also, there's this weird cropping of the fur trim on the hem of his jacket; I believe the problem lies in the coding, but I have no idea how to fix it. If anyone could tell me how, I'd appreciate it!
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