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Title: A Second Chance
Characters/Pairing: Joshua, Neku
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 698
Warning: full-game spoilers
Notes: This explores the what-if scenario in which Neku gets his memory wiped after he makes that invitation for Joshua to join him at Hachiko. After all, no one knows about the UG or the Game, so there must be some sort of "standard amnesia" that is inflicted on all revived Players.
Summary: Memory loss seems very determined to haunt Neku for the rest of his days.

That doesn't mean Neku doesn't fight back. )
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Title: Reflections
Characters/Pairing: Joshua-centric
Genre/Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 402
Warning: implications of suicide
Notes: Inspired by [ profile] otaku_attack 's "Scales and Arpeggios."
Summary: Comtemplation in the early morning.

Jump into the nightmare, the water's warm. )
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Title: Holiday Season
Characters/Pairing: Joshua-centric (implied Joshua/Neku)
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Notes: Written for [ profile] emmyata! ♥ Merry Christmas!
Summary: Holiday cheer swamps Shibuya in a way akin to fads.

It makes for a lot of annoying noise, although not of the maliciously annoying varity. )
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