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I did some translating, mostly because my dad and my writing was driving me nuts.

It's just as it says on the tin: Durarara/Persona 3 crossover parody, here! The author's note on the first page took me an ungodly amount of time to figure out, and a lot of flailing besides (thank you for sharing my misery, [ profile] zweilous!), but it's all good! :Db

As always, if you noticed something wrong with my translation, please tell me!
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Title: Fun and Games
Characters/Pairing: Izaya, Shizuo (Shizuo/Izaya if you squint?)
Genre/Rating: PG-15
Word Count
: 1058
Notes: AU crossover - Izaya, Shizuo and Shinra in roles vaguely resembling the Persona 3 upperclassmen trio of awesome. =D
Summary: Izaya's assignment for the night was straightforward: the recruitment of one Heiwajima Shizuo.

It was only expected that he would make it a mind game. )
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Title: The Magician: Rank 1
Characters/Pairing: Yuri/Flynn (eventually)
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 611
Notes:  AU, fusion - basically, this is Persona 3's 'verse, only the cast has been switched out for Tales of Vesperia's. This series will only show the Social Link part, though, so it shouldn't matter much. Until I start re-writing it for the whole P3 story, at least. (Again, I lay the blame for this idea at [ profile] zebion's feet. XD)
Summary: The Fool's Journey is made of many stages, and it begins with an encounter with The Magician.

- Attaining one's dream requires strong will and unfailing determination. - )
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I just defeated the fricking Reaper.

I just defeated the fricking Reaper!


Minako's [MC] at level 80, with Thanatos (lv.71, for physical attacks), Kali (lv.60, Matarukaja), Seth (lv.71, Marakukaja), Melchizedek (lv.64, Auto-Ma-everything to save a few turns), Kohryu (lv.73, Samarecarm & Spell Master), and Kartikeya (lv.75, Masukukaja although it was never used).Thanatos had been put on Persona steroids and received basically every single one of the stat-boost cards Minako's accumulated over the course of the entire game, but I intended to spoil him anyway. ♥ Minako has whatever gave stat boosts, and I think the total came up to +6 to Strength and +3 to everything else.

Party members were (and still are) Ken, Aki and Mitsuru at level 79, all equiped with the strongest things money can buy or I can find, and with accessories Ring of Darkness, Ice Charm, and Fire Charm respectively. I'm not sure this helped at all, because Mitsuru was the one who dodged all of ONCE, but I suppose it couldn't hurt. Ken's the healer and stabs with his spear whenever everyone else is feeling dandy, Aki is the debuffer and Ziodynes when he's free, Mitsuru puts in the hurt with her Bufudyne and saves Minako from instant death (♥ she is SO AWESOME for doing this).

Items used were one Soma and two homunculus. Not bad, considering this is the fricking Reaper. 8D Oh god I'm so hyped up right now.

Sadly the reward money's gone to waste, seeing as Minako had about 8,000k of pocket money and the max is 9,999,999 yen, but I don't think it quite matters at this point. =/ There's a lot of level grinding to do, and Monad is the place to do it! The stupid place won't show up until Minako completes the quest.

Now, to level them up to level 99! 8D
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Title: When Over-protectiveness Collides
Characters/Pairing: more or less the entire crews of P3 and P4
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 4216-ish
Notes: perfect-world AU; it's 2022, everyone is alive and well, although Koromaru is not mentioned because the poor thing would have died of old age by the time of this fic. >: Written for [ profile] zweilous 's birthday on the 18th. I'm so sorry this is late. D:
Summary: Nanako was the little sister of the Investigation Team, and Ken was the little brother of the other SEES members. What will happen when they start dating?

Read more... )Read more... )
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More angst, whoot!

Title: Fateful Nights
Characters/Pairing: Minako Arisato (aka female Protagonist)
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 1441
Notes: spoilers for MC's past, use of creative license
Summary: Nights of death, loss, and coping.

On that night, Fate must take one of them. )
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It's been way too long since I've written anything, so of course the first thing I have when I come back is angst. OTL

Title: Definitions of Pain
Characters/Pairing: Ryoji-centric
Genre/Rating: PG
Word Count: 2041
Notes: full-game spoilers, use of creative license
Summary: There was no one definition of pain, because there were so many versions of it.

inceptum finis | this is the beginning of the end )


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