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Happy birthday, Shizuo~! ♥

Title: With Love
Characters/Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Genre/Rating: PG15
Word Count: exactly 420! X3
Notes: Raijin era
Summary: Shizuo wasn't used to getting presents from people outside his family.

Shizuo was going to be late for homeroom, but fuck if he could care about that right now. He was having a stare down with the small, innocent-looking container in his shoe locker, not sure whether he should just take the damn thing out or jump straight to calling the bomb squad.

By now most of the morons in school knew better than to mess with his stuff – it only took them two fricking years – and as far as he knew, no one had hit their head hard enough to give him a love confession. Not after the shit Izaya pulled last time some poor girl tried.

Which left the flea, and it all goes back to deciding between taking it on faith that Izaya wouldn’t actually blow up his face or calling in someone who actually knew how to deal with explosives.

Dropping his shoes, he reached in with both hands and slowly pulled the small box out. Normal people would probably shake a present when they’re trying to figure it out, but after that one time, Shizuo was going to assume that anything the flea gave him was liable to have that fancy tilt shit and likely to set things on fire.

Trying to discourage him from wrecking fragile gifts, his ass – he would have done less damage than a fire, fricking pyro.

Cautiously he opened the lid, a bit confused to find some sort of tupperware thing nestled in with a couple cooler packs. It explained why there was a chill coming off the box, at least. Shizuo lifted out the thing inside with equal care, eyeing it suspiciously before giving a mental shrug and popping the lid.

For a whole minute, he could only stare at the perfect slice of cake, one end of it dovetailed so that it almost looked like an elongated heart. There was a note taped on the inside of the lid, and he could hear just hear Izaya’s insufferable tone as he read it.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t shake it? O(≧∇≦)O The cake was made with love~!

It was so like the flea, but there was a sincerity in it that gave him an embarrassingly warm feeling. “Happy birthday, Shizu-chan. ♥” would probably have sounded surprisingly sweet, too, and –

The next line made heat creep up his cheeks in a furious blush, and he snapped the lid shut.

P.S. The rest is at my house. I’ll be waiting, ne? ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
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