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I went to Mini-Comi alone today, expecting to just take a round of the place and then leave - because, as we all know, Orihara Izaya does not have friends, and apparently neither do I (or well, at least those who were free to join me in my crazy).

Only, I was presently surprised when I did see several of my friends there. One of them was conveniently dressed up in a dress shirt and vest with dark pants, and in her Bag of Wonders, she actually had a blond wig. (We've learn not to questions the contents of her bag. It's just better not to.) It might have been the most impromptu cosplay idea between the both of us, but she became my Shizuo for the rest of the con.

That apparently means making inappropriate innuendos and implying that Izaya and Shizuo slept together. =Db We actually did get asked for photos (which surprised me), the first few photos being just me hugging her with my flickblade out, and then the later ones had her grabbing my throat and pushing me away. It's surprisingly less uncomfortable than it sounds... No, really, it isn't that bad.

Anyhow, the highlight had to be how we managed to demonstrate Izaya's and Shizuo's relationship of "Whatever Izaya does, it goes back to bite Shizuo's butt" without even trying: when I scared away a seagull, it went for her instead.

It was quite fun, all things considered. My Shizuo and I parted on the bus with me going, "Are you going to visit me tonight~?" and her replying, "Oh, yeah, I'll send a vending machine into your house. :Db"
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